The Best Foods For Older Pets

The Best Foods For Older Pets

Whether your pet is a young pup or has been around the block, they’re still a pet and they need love just like any other animal. Pets are family after all. But with age comes wisdom and as pets get older, they need different foods than they did when they were younger. Listed below are some of the best foods for old pets to keep them healthy as possible:

High Quality Protein

High quality protein is one of the best foods for old pets because it helps to keep your pet healthy and strong. It can also help to prevent allergies to other foods in your pet’s diet like corn or wheat. If your pet has allergies to corn or wheat, switching to high quality meat can help to prevent an allergic reaction. It might be tempting to feed your pet human meat like hamburgers or steak, but remember that they are animals, not humans. Meat is a good source of protein and minerals like iron and zinc.

Fresh Produce

Fresh produce is one of the best foods for old pets because it’s full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Make sure to give your pet fresh vegetables such as carrots and broccoli, because canned vegetables are not nearly as healthy. Make sure to keep away sweeteners (natural or otherwise) like high-fructose corn syrup as these are not healthy for your pet. You can also give your pet fruits like apples or oranges, as these are not high in sugar and provide vitamins and minerals.

Dry Kitchen Staples

Dry cereal and oatmeal are great for keeping your pet healthy and strong. Dry cereals are high in B vitamins and minerals, and can be given to help prevent urinary tract infections in dogs. Oatmeal is high in antioxidants and can be given to help prevent heart disease in dogs.

Avoid Anything With Artificial Flavors, coloring or Preservatives

Many of the best foods for old pets contain artificial flavors, coloring and preservatives. These products have been in the food industry for a short time and haven’t had the time to be tested for safety. Artificial ingredients have been linked to tummy troubles and other illnesses in dogs and cats. Avoid these products and look for foods that are labeled “naturally flavored” or “no added artificial flavors.”


Old pets need different foods than they did when they were younger. Luckily, there are a few foods that are best for old pets. With some modification and careful planning, you can make it through senior living with your pet. From dry dog food to high quality meat, there are a lot of great foods for old pets. Keep an eye out for foods that are high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Try to feed your old pet a diet full of fresh vegetables and dry, unprocessed foods. Senior pets also need to eat less than younger pets, so take into account their weight and their health when feeding your pet. Make sure you take the right food for your pet, and make sure they’re eating enough. With a little planning, you can get through senior pet living with your pet.