The Science of Pet Wellness with Pet Matrx

The Science of Pet Wellness with Pet Matrx

Within the pet health community, it’s full of solutions for EMERGENCY situations.

Outside of emergency + crisis care, we want to be able to help guide you towards creating greater impact in the action of PREVENT-ing (the implemented action of prevention) health crisis from taking place within your family, impacting your pup, in the first place.

But first, what does it mean to “prevent” a crisis, or a health situation with your fur baby?

In the Oxford dictionary, the term “prevention” is described as:




  1. the action of stopping something from happening or arising.

With this being said, we are more than pleased to introduce you to Pet Matrx, a wellness company dedicated to helping you prevent health challenges within your pups life. If your pup is currently, or has experienced challenges within their health, they can help you there, too.

Pet Matrx focuses on the “3 Pillars of Health” within your pup by supporting:

  • Gut Health
  • Inflammatory Regulation
  • Nervous System Communication + Regulation

Their 3 pillars help create success & aid for your pups longevity in your family, & they want to help us, help you, by giving you a blueprint to true wellness for your pup, regardless of its age or health situation.

To see what the Pet Matrx blueprint looks like, you can jump into the matrix, here.