KONG Club: The Healthiest Pet Subscription Box

KONG Club: The Healthiest Pet Subscription Box

Luckily for pet owners, there is a lot of variety and choices for pet subscription boxes. There are subscription boxes for food, treats, toys, and even clothing. Just know that when you start a subscription, your best friend is going to enjoy something new and exciting added to their diet and their daily play activities.

What if I told you that there is a pet subscription box dedicated to the growing health of your pup or kitty and that subscription service will be there for them in all stages of their lives?

Enter KONG Club, a members-only program where humans, pet parents in this case, receive one-on-one veterinary guidance in every stage of their pet’s life. Along with this guidance, your pet gets immediate and instantaneous happiness from a new active toy and healthy snacks coming in a box every month.

Every month, KONG Club members receive:

  • New toys tailor-made for your pet’s health
  • New treats specially designed for your pet
  • Wellness tips from veterinarians and specialized pet coaches
  • Complimentary bonus item

Are there options? The answer is “Yes”. There are subscription boxes made for 1. Puppies, 2. Adults, 3. Senior and the last is a special category.

Let’s say you have a dog that is going through that stage where they have to chew everything on site. KONG Club has an “Extreme Chewer” option where the monthly toys you receive are much stronger and galvanized than the normal ones.

How much is a KONG Club subscription?

There are many options:

For Dogs:

  • Monthly box plan: $44.99 per box
  • 6 box plan: $39.99 per box
  • 12 box plan:  $34.99 per box


  • Monthly box plan: $34.99 per box
  • 6 box plan: $29.99 per box
  • 12 box plan:  $24.99 per box

Where are KONG Club subscription boxes available?

Currently, KONG Club boxes are available for pet parents in the United States and Canada.

Does KONG Club have customer service?

Yes! There is a special form on the website and there is a special phone number to reach them. For veterinary and pet health questions, you can use their app.

What makes KONG Club toys so special?

KONG Club has been around for over 50 years and they perfected the process of producing perfect and safe rubber toys for pets. The rubber materials in their products are completely non-toxic, this came from testing, improving and adhering to safety standards for decades. In their history, there has never been any incidents with toxic ingestion or worse. All KONG Club products are tested to European standards and regulations, which are more strict compared to the ones in the United States.


There are a lot of choices that pet parents have when it comes to pet subscription boxes. Where KONG Club has an advantage is in their products, specifically toys. Some subscription boxes add the newest, trendiest toys – But are they tested? Are they safe? Who knows? KONG Club toys have been around for a long time and their products have a long history of being safe and non-toxic.

Furthermore, KONG Club centers everything around their philosophy of health and wellness. Every toy, treat and feature in their subscription box is designed around your pet’s health. Their treats won’t add pounds to your pet’s weight and their toys are designed to be played with a lot. KONG Club is about healthy, active pups and kittens along with healthy, active adult dogs and cats. Try a box out, but to enjoy the long-term benefits of health and wellness, commit to a longer term, your pet will have the energy to thank many, many times.