Review of US Service Animals: Your Official ESA Registry and Agency

Review of US Service Animals: Your Official ESA Registry and Agency

Are you seeking the care of an emotional support animal (ESA)? Do you know how an animal is considered an ESA? Do you know the steps needed in order to get an emotional support animal? Luckily, there’s a place that can answer all those questions and help through all the logistics and legal steps you need to take in order to be in the care of an ESA.

What is the US Service Animals website?

The US Service Animals website in detail is a registry for your service animal. Here’s what you receive when you register:

  1. Animal ID card with your animal’s photo along with legal information about your rights. The purpose of this is to provide proof of ownership and more importantly, the validity of your need for an ESA.
  2. Verification of your animal’s name in their large database. This will help with identification and record-keeping.
  3. Legal support. If you find yourself in a situation where you need legal advice, their legal staff will be able to help you.
  4. Discounts for mental health consultation, if qualified.

What is the cost of registration at US Service Animals?

Registration costs $89.98 – Click Here to Register

Why is it important to register your emotional support animal?

In some cases of housing and employment, ownership of emotional support animals is frowned upon or even worse, discriminated against. Your ID card, registration, and verification of ownership of an ESA may be challenged. You are protected by federal law when you present a legally valid prescription letter for an emotional support animal if the requirement arises.

US Service Animals can assist you by coordinating and helping you schedule an appointment with a licensed mental health professional in your location.

Registration page at US Service Animals. Click here to register.

What happens when I register my ESA at US Service Animals?

  1. First thing you need to do is enter your and your animal’s information.
  2. Your animal will be registered officially as an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) and put into the National Service Animal Registry Database.
  3. Your certificate and identification will be sent to you in conventional and digital format (if selected).

What else can I get at the US Service Animals website?

Aside from registration, the website has a vast online store that has all the equipment and accessories that an ESA owner may need. Collars, vests, leashes, lanyards, and more are all on sale at their store. The most important aspect of their items is that they are tailored for ESA owners, and that many of them explicitly identify pets as an ESA. You’ll see items that say ‘Service Animal” or “Do Not Pet”, which are really important when you go out in public with your ESA.

Home page at US Service Animals. Click here to visit.

What qualifies as an Emotional Support Animal?

The US Service Animals answers all of these questions on their website as there are many complexities and requirements of what is considered an ESA. Along with that, there are many responsibilities ESA owners have to take into account. Find out more on their website.

What about housing and traveling with service animals?

For housing, ESA owners are protected by the Federal Fair Housing Act. Registration with US Service Animals can further protect you if a landlord questions your rights. As for traveling, there are stipulations and regulations ESA owners must adhere to. More on this can be found on the US Service Animals website.

US Service Animals also has the airline policies of many of the most popular carriers today.

What we like the most about US Service Animals

This website is not just a registration site for ESAs but it’s also an information portal that helps you with questions regarding classifying your ESA. It also answers questions about managing your ESA with traveling and housing. Registration is more than that on the US Service Animals website, you have legal help and representation as part of the membership. This is important because ESA’s and the owners’ rights will be challenged.

The US Service Animals is one of the most trusted ESA registry, website, and prescription service around.. As for customer service, they can be contacted by email, phone and they have a web chat open during operating hours. If you are in need of the care of an emotional support animal, this must be your first stop.