How To Manage Foul Pet Odor and Stop It From Coming Back

How To Manage Foul Pet Odor and Stop It From Coming Back

Have you ever had that moment when you couldn’t ignore the smell of your pet? Maybe because they smelled so good or worse, because they smelled so bad, it’s definitely not something anyone enjoys. You probably wouldn’t like it either if certain scents gave you the “heebie-jeebies”. Fortunately, the good news is that with the right advice and some discipline, you can get rid of foul pet odor and prevent it from coming back again. Do keep in mind that even if your pet doesn’t smell at first, their scent may change over time as their age and condition and eventually their natural body odors become more noticeable. If this describes your furry friend as well, don’t panic — there are many things you can do to help them smell better sooner rather than later.

Check Your Health and Happiness Needs

Of course, you’ve already noticed that your pet has started to smell a bit funky, but are you aware of the reasons why? Perhaps your kitty has started to exhibit stubborn behaviors such as litterbox avoidance or increased scratching behaviors, or perhaps you’ve noticed that your pet’s diet isn’t as fresh as it used to be. If any of these is true, it’s a good idea to seek the help of a reputable veterinary professional in order to ensure the issue is addressed as soon as possible. Your kitty could be having health issues due to her diet or lack of cleanliness, and prompt attention is needed. Additionally, if your pet has recently undergone a major change in lifestyle, such as a move or a new pet, you may have noticed that your pet has started to smell a little funky. This can be due to stress coming from new surroundings. This is where familiar scents can be useful: Take their favorite blanket or toy that has a familiar scent and place it in the new surrounding. It can help the transition and “smelly” period.


At the end, your pet’s scent, good or bad, comes from their health condition or surgery. But it can also come from stress and dealing with new environments. Your job as a pet parents is to make sure your pet has a clean home and space to call its own. You’re also responsible of making sure your pet is at home and comfortable by providing comfortable fixtures, scents and toys to keep them active, stimulated and distracted — All in all, just make them happy and bathed.

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